Matthews Aviation’s leadership team brings more than 100 years of combined experience in aviation, staffing and financial acumen to the business. Our management team is hard at work to help strengthen our company’s core foundations to:

  • Be Respectful and Responsive to the needs of our employees
  • Be Responsive to our clients’ needs
  • Implement innovative programs to strengthen our workforce’s capabilities and successes

Executive Vice President, Julius T. Smith

As Executive Vice President, Julius oversees Sales, Operations, and day-to- day management for Matthews Aviation. A U.S. Air Force veteran with over 30 years in the aviation industry, he brings his in-depth background and knowledge in line and heavy maintenance, operations, maintenance planning as well as manufacturing to the team. Likewise, his track record in airframe, component and MRO Sales & Marketing is ideal. Julius is well-suited for working with our diverse customers throughout industry. Julius is known for his management skills, team building and identifying and closing new business opportunities. Serving in multiple capacities over his 30-year aviation career, Julius has gained the industry reputation for identifying and solving problems within organizations to “get the job done”.

Senior Vice President of Operations, Tom Wellcome

As Senior Vice President of Operations, Tom Wellcome provides the overall day-to- day management and functions of Matthews Aviation. As an aviation expert, Tom has served in multiple capacities over his 30+ year aviation career including hands-on in production, maintenance, recruiting, operations and MRO contract labor management.

Vice President of Sales, Alan Abate

Alan joined in March 2017 and is responsible for developing new business and customer negotiations.  He has over 40 years in the commercial aviation MRO industry.  He has an AAS degree in Business Administration and holds an A&P Certificate.

Vice President of Customer Relations, Tina Gili

As Vice President of Customer Relations, Tina is the point of contact working behind the scenes meeting with our aviation industry partners and handling customer care needs. Her 35+ years of aviation industry experience enable her to address customer concerns and quickly and efficiently solve problems while working together to cement our valued relationships.  Tina has been in the aviation industry in positions of office management, sales (brokering aftermarket parts), quality control and financial audits as well as inventory control procedures.

Vice President of Compliance & HR, Janice Rewers

Janice Rewers serves as the Compliance and HR Officer for Matthews Aviation. She brings more than 20 years of general staffing, human resources, marketing and sales management talent to Matthews Aviation. She works closely with our industry partners to ensure that our practices and policies adhere to the stringent requirements of the aviation governing bodies.

Director of Talent, Richie Wellcome

Richie Wellcome worked as a contractor for years in the Commercial Maintenance Environment. He oversees our Talent Acquisition staff to ensure that they provide quality service to our employees as well as our clients. All our hiring people are Talent Advocates working to find the best solution for both the contract employee and our clients, so that both parties can be successful in reaching their goals.